Professional Video Production FAQ’s

How much will my Video Production cost?

This is the most commonly asked professional video question, the cost of a video or photographic shoot depends on the brief and what your budget is. Rest assured we only do good work whatever your budget. A ½ day shoot edited to a music track is a lot cheaper than shooting motion control where specialized equipment and lighting are required.

professional video production studio
professional video producer phil hanlon at work

Why use Little Mate Studios instead of a photographer, I can shoot 4k video on my phone.

This is true, a photographer can shoot video, but it is rare that they can tell a story like a professional video producer can, it’s just not their skill set. A stills camera, while it’s images are getting better all the time, the sensor is optimized to shoot stills, while a digital cinema camera is optimized to take moving pictures.

As for shooting 4k video from a phone, the larger resolution does not mean color science it just means more pixels.

Production needs more than a camera, first there is the concept, then the script, there are lighting requirements, camera dollies, and tracks, camera stabilizers, even camera cranes and more common now aerial footage. Mastery of these factors is our craft which leads to the result becoming predictably outstanding.

View some examples of our story telling abilities HERE on our Vimeo channel.

How long does the production take? When do I receive something I can use?

Depending on the job, your professional video shoot may only take 24hrs. We can turn around a small job very quickly and always retain high production standards irrespective of turnaround. More involved briefs can take longer, however once you’ve commissioned us, we don’t enjoy delays. Then, our mission becomes primary; to create assets that can benefit you in real terms within a reasonable time frame and on budget.

maya kindred photographer
maya kindred photographer

What areas do you service?

Little Mate will travel wherever required and has produced professional video across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and Indonesia.

We are based in the Northern Rivers between Byron Bay and Lismore, but generally our work ranges from Port Macquarie to the Sunshine Coast but as you can see not so long ago, we were shooting in Cronulla, Sydney. Given the right circumstances, we have been known to travel the globe at the request of our customers.

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